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Monday Morning Meetings

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Starting January 5th we will begin our Mondays with a whole-school mini-assembly in the auditorium.  The intent is to engage in some activities and goal setting with all of our students, with a goal of strenthening our student community.  This video is what we showed students so they know what to expect on Monday.  We invite all students and parents to view it again over the break.

Students of the Week 11/14

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Puja Iyer
6th Grade, Nominated by the Arts Dept.


Puja Iyer is doing an outstanding job in dance.  She is consistently kind to her peers, and she demonstrates excellent creativity in her choreography.  Her positive attitute is contagious and we are happy to have the opportunity to teach her here at Midvale Middle School!

Jonathan Lopez
7th Grade, Nominated by PE/Health Dept.


Jonathan has given so much effort this year in our classes.  Jonathan has made a conscious effort to become a better person and a better student.  He constantly shows up to class on time and follows directions every time he is asked.  Jonathan was the first student to turn in his health project.  He has been setting detailed S.M.A.R.T. goals in our classes throughout the year and has been working hard to achieve them.  We have even seen Jonathan help other students around him who may be struggling.  Jonathan is an absolute joy to have in class.

Mikele Knighton
8th Grade, Nominated by Mrs. Griner


Mikele is a new student this year.  You would never know it though.  She has made many new friends.  This may be because she demonstrates so many qualities we strive for at MMS.  Mikele is caring.  She is quick to compliment others.  She is genuinely happy for others' success and doesn't speak negatively about anyone.  Mikele is principled.  She comes into class quietly and on time.  She makes the most of every minute in class and if she doesn't finish, she takes it home to complete.  She is prepared with a planner, pencil, and library book every day.  Mikele is open-minded.  In class, 8th graders learn to see different points of view.  Goals for 8th graders include being able to write an argument essay where different perspectives are supported with evidence.  Mikele is able to think about and accept different viewpoints.  Mikele is deserving of this honor because of her work ethic and good nature.  She is a pleasure to know and teach.  Mikele sets a good example for all of us.

Students of the Week 11/03

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Madelynn Nava Ayers
6th Grade, Team Greek


Madelynn is a wonderful asset to the Greek team this year. She is always prepared for class—both with the necessary materials and with a positive attitude. She works well with her classmates. She has an excellent work ethic and always completes her assignments with her full effort and understanding. She participates and adds many constructive comments to class discussions. She is willing to go the extra mile even when it might be more difficult and/or more time consuming. We are happy to have Madelynn as a student at Midvale Middle School this year!

Emilee Miller
7th Grade, Team Sherlock

Emilee Miller

Emilee Miller is an exceptional student. She excels academically but she also is wonderfully behaved. She always participates in class and has a positive attitude. She is consistently on task. She continues to impress her teachers by her good example she sets for others. Thanks for the opportunity we have to be her teachers!

Aidin Dastpish
8th Grade, Team Mustangs


Since Aidin's arrival he has been an attentive student and works very hard in each class. Among other things he is polite, asks questions, helpful, and does what is asked of him. His work is always done and done well. Aidin works well in groups and supports his peer. He is a community minded individual that elevates our classroom atmosphere.

Students of the Week 10/27

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Javine Hendricks
6th Grade, Team Greek


Javine is an excellent student. She exhibits the qualities of being safe, respectful, and responsible on a continual basis. She is rarely late for class and always turns her homework in promptly. She has a good attitude in the classroom, in the hallways, and in other areas of the school. Javine makes a point to include other students in class activities and to participate in class discussions. She is an example for her peers in the ways she speaks and in the ways she acts.

Natalia Acevedo Dominguez
7th Grade, Team Holmes


Natalia consistently does really good work. She works hard to learn in class every day. She is reliable and dependable. If she tells you she is going to do something she does it without fail. She is a joy to have in class. She never gets annoyed and is always patient with everyone around her. 

Chance Head
8th Grade, Team Los Pollos Locos


Our team cose Chance Head as our Student of the Week. He has been an outstanding role model for other students in his classes. He diligently works on every assignment and project. Chance works well with others and continues to maintain a high standard for others to follow. Thank you, Chance, for being AWESOME!