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Science Fair 2015

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Students from Midvale Middle School competed in the 2015 Canyons School District Science & Engineering Fair.
Here are the results:

Student Choice Awards:

  1. Lucas Schreiber
  2. Alex Cheng
  3. Oakley Small
  4. Cassidy Adams
  5. Anna Hsu

Student Choice Awards

6th Grade Winners:

  • Tarun Martheswaran
  • Daphne Liu
  • Wentao Zhang

Tarun Martheswaran Daphne Liu and Wentao Zhang

7th Grade Winners:

  • Luke kim
  • Victor Petrov
  • Alan Zhao

Alex Cheng and Kenny Nelson

8th Grade Winnders:

  • Alex Cheng
  • Kenny Nelson
  • Gregory Barashyan

Greg Brashyan

To see Division Finalist for Midvale Middle School click here.

SAGE Testing

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Congratulations to all of our students who completed the Writing portion of the SAGE assessment!  We will continue the other SAGE tests at the end of April.

Monday Morning Meetings

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Starting January 5th we will begin our Mondays with a whole-school mini-assembly in the auditorium.  The intent is to engage in some activities and goal setting with all of our students, with a goal of strenthening our student community.  This video is what we showed students so they know what to expect on Monday.  We invite all students and parents to view it again over the break.