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Important Information About Early Out Fridays

Student Expectations

School Materials

  • Each student will be provided with a mesh cinch bag, Chromebook, pencil pouch, headphones, 2 folders, and a lanyard for their student ID badge.
  • Students are issued a PBIS Rewards badge that MUST be brought to school everyday.


  • Students will be issued a mesh cinch bag. 
  • Only the issued backpack a clear or see-through backpack are permitted.

Hall Pass

  • This year, we will be using an electronic hall pass system called E-Hall Pass.
  • Students are allocated a limited number of hall passes to use each quarter. 
  • Students are expected to use the restroom and get drinks during passing time, rather than during class time.
  • Unused hall passes will be converted to PBIS Rewards points at the end of the quarter.


Lockers are not being used this year.

Cell Phones

  • Cell phones must be put away from bell to bell during class time, including in the halls.
  • Cell phones may only be used before and after school, during passing times, and at lunch.  Otherwise, they must be put away and not in use.  
  • Violations of the cell phone policy will result in the phone being taken to the office.
  • After the first violation, all other violations will require an adult to pick up the phone from the main office.


Dress Code

Students will be principled and safe by following dress code at all times. Following dress code while on school property allows students, faculty, and community members to feel safe and respected. Per Canyons District policy, the following are considered but not limited to dress code violations:

1. Gang-related clothing, colors, and accessories

2. Hats and Hoods

3. Suggestive clothing including short shorts, mini-skirts, crop-tops, halter-tops, spaghetti straps, tank-tops, or similar clothing

Safe School Violations

Midvale Middle School is committed to creating an environment where all students feel safe and respected. As part of our effort to create this environment, all students will adhere to the following:

     1. Illegal Items – There will be no alcohol, drugs, tobacco products, e-cigarettes and vaping products, weapons, or facsimiles of weapons. (Facsimiles are things that look like or could be mistaken for weapons.)

     2. Assault and Fighting – Disputes between individuals should be taken care of through communication. All students have the opportunity to use conflict mediation. Mediation is a process involving administration and counselors to help find a solution. If a physical altercation occurs, it will result in disciplinary action.

     3. Threats – Any verbal or electronic threat made on or off school grounds that causes a major disruption or an individual to feel unsafe at school will result in disciplinary action.

     4. Bullying or Harassment – Bullying and/or harassment can involve written, verbal or physical behaviors including:

          a. Gender-role stereotyping

          b. Displaying demeaning posters or cartoons

          c. Telling offensive jokes

          d. Visually or verbally stating expressions referring to a person’s ethnicity, race, or gender

          e. Inappropriately touching

          f. Using lewd gestures or actions

          g. Initiating any unwelcome, taunting, or teasing behavior If a student is harassed, he/she should tell the individual doing the harassing to stop.

If it continues, the student should report the problem to his/her teacher or any other adult staff member. Violators of the harassment policy will be subject to strict administrative discipline, which may include detention, suspension, and possible criminal prosecution. Parents are encouraged to report any type of harassment to school administration immediately.

Adult Expectations

Administration, faculty, and staff promise that all students will have access to a high-quality education. To make this happen, all staff members will: 

     1. Respect all individuals by building relationships that are positive and supportive 

     2. Commit to the academic and social betterment of all members of Midvale Middle 

     3. Be reflective of one’s actions and practices 

     4. Communicate academic and social progress on a weekly basis using Skyward or other                electronic communication

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Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Statement

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