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SCC Bylaws

Canyons District SCC Manual

               MMS School Community Council Bylaws

                                                        November 2021

1. Elections for School Community Council (SCC) Representatives:

     a. Notification of election dates and procedures for declaring an interest in serving on the SCC will be             provided during the registration process and during the first week of school.

     b. Interest sheets will be collected and parents contacted for verification during the first two weeks of              the school year.

     c. The SCC may have a maximum of 12 parent members. If there are more than 12 candidates, an                    election will be held.

     d. Elections will be held two weeks after Back to School Night, which will be held within the first month           of school.

     e. All elected positions are for two-year terms.

     f. In the event that members neglect to appear for meetings or do not in other ways meet the                           requirements for serving on the SCC, they may be removed by a vote by the quorum and replaced in             like manner.

2. The SCC will meet monthly September through May. The majority of the council must approve of canceling and/or calling additional meetings. Meeting rescheduling will be done through email and then be posted on the website when necessary.

3. Council leadership will be elected in the first meeting of the new school year. Leadership positions include:

     a. Chair: Conducts meetings, creates agenda with principal input, coordinates with school leadership             and performs other duties as outlined in the CSD policy and state statute. The chair must be a                      parent.

     b. Vice-chair: Works with the chair and may conduct meetings or perform other duties at the request                of the chair. The vice-chair may be a parent member or an employee member of the council.

     c. Recorder takes notes at each meeting and creates and sends out the minutes for approval by the                 SCC.

4. Meeting Guidelines:
     a. Meetings will begin on time, use time wisely and finish on time, and stay focused on the agenda.

     b. Members & guests will come prepared to participate and avoid side conversations.

     c. Respect for others in verbal and nonverbal communication will be shown at all times.

     d. Disruptions will be avoided by silencing cell phones and taking necessarily calls or conversations                out of the room during meetings.

     e. If for some reason a member cannot attend a scheduled meeting, notification should be given to the           chair or co-chair prior to the meeting.

     f. Meetings may be conducted using the format and language laid out in Robert’s Rule of Order, or                   informally at the discretion of the Chair (or designated conductor of the meeting.)

5. Any person/group may request approval to present a topic to the SCC and be added to the agenda by contacting the chair at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting. The SCC may approve and/or invite any person/group to make a presentation on issues pertinent to the role of the SCC. The items that are appropriate for discussion by SCC include but are not limited to:
     a. Teacher Student Success Plan (TSSP) b. School LANDTrust Plan

     c. Digital Citizenship Plan

     d. School Safety Plan

     e. Positive Behavior Plan

     f. Electronic Device Plan

     g. Advice/recommendations regarding school programs (including, but not limited to, MYP, SALTA and           Dual Immersion)

     h. Issues relating to the community environment for students

     i. Parent/School communication and involvement

     j. Safe Walking Route

6. Items not to be discussed by the School Community Council include:
     a. Personnel Issues (excepting how hires/hours impact the SCC budget)

     b. Individual Student Information

7. Meeting Attendance: Committee members are expected to commit to regular attendance. Any member who misses more than 2 consecutive meetings or who regularly misses meetings without informing the chair may be removed from the committee at the chair’s discretion.

These Bylaws will be posted on the SCC page of the school website. Each SCC member will read the Bylaws at the beginning of each school year and agree to abide by the Bylaws as signified in their Declaration of candidacy.

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