Midvale Middle School


                   School Community Council

Meeting Agenda for:

November 10, 2021 – 5:30 pm

Virtual Conference https://meet.google.com/jta-mrfx-xex


  1. Welcome                                                                   Pamela Brown
  2. Approval of October meeting minutes                 Pamela Brown
  3. Suggested bylaw edits                                            Mindy Robison
  4. PTSA Report (Reflections and More)                   Lindsay Butram
  5. Community School Facilitator Report                  Jessica Olmos
  6. MYP (Middle Years Programme) Update             Shelley Allen
  7. Counselors Report                                                   Amy Skelton        
  8. School Safety report/Digital Citizenship report  Judy Rembacz       
  9. TSI Update (Targeted School for Improvement) Mindy Robison
  10. TSSA & LAND Trust Budgets                                  Mindy Robison
  11. Adjourn                                                                       Pamela Brown

District Resources and Information for SCC Members: