7852 Pioneer Street, Midvale, UT 84047

In attendance: Rachel Pena, Mac McCann, Jen Stitt, Jeanette Dummer, Pamela Brown, Lindsay Butrum, Janette Pasaye, Mindy Robison, Divya Nagpal,  Amy Skelton, Tamara Taysom, Mont Millerberg, and Shelley Allen

  • Welcome   –   Pamela Brown

  • Approval of December  Minutes     –    Pamela Brown

              Motion to approve the minutes: Jeanette Dummer

              Second: Tamara Taysom

  • PTSA Report  –   Lindsay Butrum

              PTSA website: https://sites.google.com/view/midvaleptsa/home

              Meeting next Wednesday, January 12

              Fundraiser coming up.  Look for an email.  It will be an online fundraiser.

  • Community School Facilitator Report       –     Mindy Robison 

              Holiday Support 2021

              Supported over 75  families, a little over 210 kids.

              Families were given essential items: Laundry detergent and dish soap, 

              large food bags, hygiene items for each child, a family game, and gift card


             Thank you to everyone who helped support our school

             Donors: Registered Physical Therapists of Utah, KSL’s Quarters for Christmas, Communities in the Sandy, Draper, American Fork areas.  And many                     individuals from our own community including teachers, staff and their families

  • MYP (Middle Years Programme) Update    –   Shelley Allen

             TOP BRICCCK Focus:  Reflective Thinkers

             Statement of Inquiry:  Reflective thinking helps us self manage the zones of


             Service Goal: Teach others about the zones of regulation. 

  • Counselors Report    –   Amy Skelton

              Reviewing RI/MI scores and moving students into intervention classes as needed for next quarter. 

              Registration for the 2022-2023 School Year

              Tuesday, February 1st – Upcoming 6th Graders

                               9 – 11 a.m. Upcoming 6th Graders Orientation 

                               6 – 7:30 p.m. Parent/Student Evening Orientation

                               Cards due February 4th

               Thursday, February 3rd – Upcoming 7th and 8th Graders 

                             2nd period upcoming 7th grader Orientation

                             3rd period upcoming 8th grader Orientation

                             Cards due February 8th


  • TSI Update (Targeted School for Improvement)    –    Mindy Robison

                African American (Blacks)

                Economically Disadvantaged


                Multilingual Learners

                Students with Disabilities

                     *Goal is to increase growth and proficiency on the RISE test

                      *Action plan is being revised

                      *Focused on Reading Inventory (RI) and Math Inventory (MI) growth

                      *Intervention courses (Read 180 and Math 180)

                      *Small group instruction in all classes

      Proposed Action Steps for all disaggregated populations:

  1. Support teachers implementing small group instruction, to provide more focused instruction
  2. Provide the data for students, teachers, and parents on RI and MI with expected growth
  3. Provide Intervention Courses (Math 180/Read 180)
  4. Provide interventionists to support classroom instruction, small group instructions, & individualized supports
  5. Focus on the mindset of learning
  6. Provide a study skills course to help students with basic skills for academic success
  7. Provide high-quality after school programming focused on academic growth and enrichment
  8. Ensure a positive climate focused on rewarding students for growth


      Multilingual learners:

  1. Provide students access to System 44
  2. Provide Newcomer classes to support students new to the country
  3. Provide peer support by combing newcomer and Latinos in Action students
  4. Provide co-teaching to reinforce vocabulary and language acquisition

  • TSSP (Plans for this year)    –    Mindy Robison

            This is our current TSSP plan:

            Literacy: Performance Goal

       75% of students will meet or exceed expected growth on the Reading Inventory (RI) during the current school year.

             Math: Performance Goals

  • 60% of students will meet or exceed expected growth rates on the Mathematics Inventory (MI) during the current school year.


      PBIS Goals

  • 80% of the formal and informal observations during the current school year will have a positive to corrective feedback ratio of at least 3:1.


  • By May of 2021, student connectivity and wellness will increase as measured by improved scores from the pre and post wellness survey through implementation of after school programming, counseling supports and the social emotional curriculum.


      2021 Student – Survey Results 

      Three Highest Scores: 

      1- I know an adult at my school that I can talk with if I need help. 

      2- My school sets clear rules for behavior.

      3- Adults at my school treat me with respect. 


     Three Lowest Scores:

      1- At my school, students are recognized for following the school rules. 

      2- My school is a place where I feel safe. 

      3- I like my school. 


      2021 Parent – Survey Results 

      Three Highest Scores: 

      1- Staff members are respectful toward parents. 

      2- This school communicates effectively with me.

      3- I feel welcome at this school. 


      Three Lowest Scores:

      1- I feel my child is safe at this school. 

      2- I am pleased with how this school supports my child’s emotional well-being. 

      3- I am pleased with how much my child is learning at this school. 


      Suggested to create a system for students and parents to give feedback 

      throughout the school year.  This might be a good thing to work on this 


  • Update on TSSP Grants    –    Mindy Robison

              01/07: Grants due at 3:00 p.m.

              01/14: SCC Parents/Admin review and prioritize grants

              01/28: Teachers notified of approvals

              02/01: Begin purchasing


      Mindy will send out the grant proposals by Tuesday, January 11 for SCC members that want to help in the approval process. 

      Nominations for Teacher of the Year are now being accepted until February 4th. 

  • Adjourn    –    Pamela Brown

     Motion to adjourn: Lindsay Butrum 

     Second: Mac McCann

   Next Meeting is February 2nd @5:30

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