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Midvale Middle School 

School Community Council Minutes

February 1 , 2022 – 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Online Meeting: https://meet.google.com/xrq-yvsw-sck

Parent Members: Pamela Brown, Kathy Anderson, Alicia Woodward, Alyssa Powers, Andrea Andersen, Benjamin Wood, Janette Pasaye, Jessica Dalton, Mac McCann, Mandy Yu, Stephanie Liu and Rachel Pena. Alternate: Minh Thu Liew Parents in attendance: Pamela Brown, Kathy Anderson, Benjamin Wood, Mac McCann, Mandy Yu, Alicia Woodward, Janette Pasaye, Andrea Andersen.

Parents not present: Minh Thu Liew, Alyssa Powers, Jessica Dalton, Stephanie Liu, and Rachel Pena

Board Member Present: Mont Millerberg

Faculty members in attendance: Mindy Robison, Divya Nagpal, Amy Skelton, Jessica Olmos, Jordan Cloward, and Shelley Allen. 

  1. Welcome Pamela Brown  
  2. Action Item: Approve December Minutes 

Motion to approve: Mac McCann

Second: Kathy Anderson

Passed unanimously

  1.  Community School Facilitator Report Jessica Olmos

             RAAD- Read Across America Day: Reading activities from Feb. 27th – March 3rd

CAYCI Survey Feb 27th- March 17th – will be organized by the district

  • CAYCI Survey is a school experience / home life survey.  Students, parents and school faculty all participate in the survey.  The district uses the data to write grants to help meet the needs of different schools. 

We are Midvale Cultural Night (May 11th) 

  • Committee made up of teachers and parents to plan the event.                      
  • Message will be sent out on Parent square to join a meeting after school in February

Attendance Update

                 Students are sharing their advice on how to get to school and be on time. 

                 Attendance posters are being posted around the school. 

            2. Portrait of a Graduate Update Shelley Allen

          RISE UP Lessons on School Website

                Upcoming RISE UP Lessons:

                        Service Reflection

                Service – Grade Level Projects

          8th Grade Rise Up Project Due March 31

           Parent Teacher Conferences Reflection 

             3.   Counselors     Amy Skelton

Registration – students received their cards for future 7th and 8th grades

  • 7th grade cards due Friday to social studies teacher
  • 8th grade cards due Monday to social studies teacher

  HS Counselors visit next Thursday for Hillcrest and Jordan registration

              4.   2021-2022 TSSA Final Report Mindy Robison

Data was discussed in detail in our last meeting. 

The final report was sent to the state on Monday. 

Included the final LAND Trust Report and TSSP Report.

                5.  Parent /Student Survey Results Mindy Robison

            Parent Results

Top Two Results 

Staff members are respectful toward parents.

This school communicates effectively with me.

The only one that went down with parents was I feel my child is safe at this school. 

We are higher than most of the district in each of the categories. 

Student Results

Top Three Results

My teacher treats all students in this class with respect. 

My teacher walks around the room to check on students when we are doing work in class. 

I would recommend this teacher to other students, 

Lowest Results

My teacher knows when I do not understand.

My teacher makes learning interesting.

             6.  Winter RI/MI Data Report Mindy Robison

Winter MI (Math Inventory)

             27% have achieved expected growth

             47% are on track and have achieved expected growth 

             Our goal for the MI is to be at 60% achieve expected growth.

             Our 7th grade is making great progress.  6th grade is lower, but that is common across 

             the state.

            Winter RI (Reading Inventory)

            40% have achieved expected growth

            50% are on track and have achieved expected growth         

            Our goal for the RI is to be at 75% achieve expected growth.

            8th grade is making great progress on the RI.   

             7.  Teacher Student Success Plan 2023 Mindy Robison

  1. Goals and Action Plan           

    Discussion about reading goal:

  • 75% of students will meet or exceed expected growth on the Reading Inventory (RI) during the current school year.  

   Discussion about math goal:

  • 60% of students will meet or exceed expected growth on the Math Inventory (MI) during the current school year.    

Recommendation to include more support for students who are multilingual. 

  • On a monthly basis, at least 95% of students will be recognized through our school-wide positive behavior intervention system.
    • 100% of students were recognized every month
    • Consider raising the goal to 100%
  • Student connectivity and wellness will increase as measured by improved scores from the pre and post wellness survey through the implementation of the after-school program, counseling supports, and lessons in homeroom on Portrait of a Graduate.

The council is supportive of our goals and our plan. 

  Top Priorities for the Plan

  • Support for Multilingual Students
  • Support for student wellness 
  • Continue Portrait of a Graduate

Mindy will prioritize the categories for the next meeting so we can finalize the budget.       

       8.Targeted School Improvement (TSI) Mindy Robison

  • Met exit criteria for economically disadvantaged
  • Still qualify for Special Education, Hispanic, Multilingual learners, and African American students

    9.TSSA/LAND Trust Budgets Mindy Robison       

  We are on track and have the ability to carry over 20% of the budget to next year.

        10.Adjourn Pamela Brown

Motion to adjourn: Andrea Andersen

Second: Mac McCann

Action Item: Approve December Minutes 

Our next meeting will be in person on March 1, 2023

District Resources and Information for SCC Members:


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