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Midvale Middle School 

School Community Council Minutes

October 5, 2022 – 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Online Meeting: https://meet.google.com/xrq-yvsw-sck


Parent Members: Pamela Brown, Kathy Anderson, Alicia Woodward, Alyssa Powers, Andrea Andersen, Benjamin Wood, Janette Pasaye, Jessica Dalton, Mac McCann, Mandy Yu, and Rachel Pena. Alternates: Minh Thu Liew & Stephanie Liu.Parents in attendance: Pamela Brown, Kathy Anderson, Alicia Woodward, Alyssa Powers, Andrea Andersen, Jessica Dalton, Benjamin Wood, Mac McCann, Mandy Yu, and Minh Thu Liew.

Parents not present: Rachel Pena, Stephanie Liu, and Janette Pasaye

Faculty members in attendance: Mindy Robison, ConnieTrue Simons, Amy Skelton, Jessica Olmos, Jordan Cloward, and Shelley Allen. 

  1. Welcome Pamela Brown   

Action Item: Approve September Minutes 

Motion to approve with attendance correction: Alyssa Powers

Second: Alicia Woodward

Passed unanimously

Berta Olivera is no longer able to serve on the School Community Council.  Stephanie Liu, an alternate, will now be a voting member on the council.

  1. Possible Action Item: SCC Bylaws Pamela & Mindy

Current Bylaws

Proposed Bylaws

Addition to bylaws to include alternates:

Elections: Notification of available School Community Council parent member seats, election dates, and procedures for declaring candidacy for the SCC will be emailed home during the first week of school.

  1.  If the number of candidates is less than or equal to the available seats, then all candidates will be appointed to the SCC;
  2. The SCC may have a maximum of 12 parent members. 
  3.  If the number of candidates exceeds the available seats, a formal election will take place.
  1. Elections will be held two weeks after the first day of school.
  2. Two alternates will be selected from the remaining unelected candidates in the order of the number of votes received. 
    1. Alternates will be required to attend the SCC meetings.
    2. Alternates will be appointed as voting members of the council if a seat is vacated prior to the next election and the council votes to fill the vacated seat.
  1. All elected positions are for two-year terms.
  2. In the event that members neglect to appear for meetings or do not in other ways meet the requirements for serving on the SCC, they may be removed by a vote by the quorum and replaced in like manner.

Action Item: Approve SCC Bylaws

Motion: Kathy Anderson

Second: Mac McCann

Passed unanimously

  1. PTSA Report

Parents provided a delicious dinner for Midvale’s staff for Parent Teacher Conferences. 

PTSA communicated concerns about the safety of the parking lot.  SCC will discuss parking lot issues. 

  1. Community School Facilitator Report Jessica Olmos

We had a Successful Day of Caring Sept. 23rd

  Adults all around the school have heard very positive feedback from students

  1. Hygiene kits for the Road Home, Recess at nearby elementary schools, beautifying the school inside and out, thank you banners to our supporting partnerships,etc.
  2. Supported by United Way of Salt Lake and Dominion Energy

Vision and Medical van at MMS on Oct. 5th

             We have a need for hoodies and shoes.  If you would like to donate hoodies or shoes, 

              please bring them to school and give them to Jessica Olmos.

  1. Portrait of a Graduate Update Shelley Allen

Focus on service 

– 6th Grade: WADE Project – Who am I? 

            – 7th Grade: PILOT Project – Where am I going?

            – 8th Grade: RISE UP Project – How will I make a difference?

  1. Counselors Report                                                                 Amy Skelton

6th grade – CCA lesson on stress management strategies

            8th grade – will be choosing careers/education/salary for Reality Town

            Student Connectedness Fall Survey Results:

   94%.1% have a friend at school and 85.6% have an adult at school to go to for help 


  1.   Action Item: Cell Tower Expenditures Mindy Robison

Each year, we receive funds, usually around $2,000 from the cell tower in the back of the school. 

School Community Council approves how the funding is allocated.

Proposed Allocations:

Funds are deposited into the Principal’s Discretionary Fund

  • Food for teachers
  • Staff appreciation
  • Pick me ups
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Staff morale

            Action Item: Approve Cell Tower Expenditures

Motion to approve: Kathy Anderson

Second: Andrea Andersen

Passed unanimously

  1.   Review Current Plans:           
  1. Safe Walking Routes ConnieTrue Simons

Our walking routes have not changed. 

Action Item: Approve Safe Walking Routes

Motion to approve: Pamela Brown

Second: Kathy Anderson

  1. School Safety & Digital Citizenship Mindy Robison

We are following the district plan for safety and safety drills.

Safety videos we have shown and will show students are available on the district website.  

  1. Digital Citizenship Mindy Robison

                                Link to district digital citizenship

                        Does the SCC feel it has received enough information to determine if the filtering 

                       systems and supervision practices are appropriate?

                        – SCC feels like they have received enough information. 


                       Does the SCC feel it has received enough information about the school’s  

                       educational effort to instill a student’s desire to be a good digital citizen?

                          – SCC feels like they have received enough information. 


Does the SCC believe the school has a viable plan to present internet citizenship 

                        and safety information to the parents in the community?

   – SCC feels like they have received enough information. 


  1. Top 2 Concerns Pamela Brown

                          – Parking lot safety and social emotional support are concerns across the district.


 Discussion about concerns:

  • fights and aggression in school
  • emotional health
  • classroom behavior
  • support for social emotional curriculum 


  1. c.    Positive Behavior Plan Mindy Robison

  We have a school-wide focus on building positive relationships.  The entries staff uses the PBIS Rewards system to positively reward students. Students are able to use their points at the school store. We have goals for positive to corrective feedback in the classroom.    We have a wellness survey that we give in the fall and spring. Portrait of a Graduate competencies are being taught school wide during homeroom. We will continue to focus on trauma-based practices. Seventh graders are provided the state-mandated health curriculum that helps with many of these areas.Our social emotional team works with small groups, individual students and and classroom lessons to help support our positive behavior plan.

  1. Teacher Student Success Plan Mindy Robison

State is revising the process/procedures. 

More information will be coming. 

  1. TSSA/LAND Trust Budgets Mindy Robison

           During our next Mindy will go more in depth on budget and a plan to use the budget to best meet the needs of our students, in supporting our students.

  1. Adjourn Pamela Brown

Motion to adjourn: Andrea Anderson

Second: Kathy Anderson

Passed unanimously

Our next meeting will be online on November 2, 2022

District Resources and Information for SCC Members:


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