Midvale Middle School School
Community Council Meeting
Agenda for: September 1st, 2021 – 5:30 pm

Virtual Conference


1. Welcome -Alyssa Powers
2. Assessment of Membership Numbers -Alyssa Powers
3. Election- Alyssa Powers
4. PTSA Report (Reflections and More) TBD
5. Community School Facilitator Report- Mindy Robison
6. MYP (Middle Years Programme) Update -Shelley Allen
7. Counselors Report -Amy Skelton
8. TSI Update (Targeted School for Improvement)- Mindy Robison
9. TSSP Refresher for New Members -Mindy Robison
10. TSSA & Land Trust Budgets -Mindy Robison
11. Vote on Virtual vs. In Person Meetings -Mindy Robison
12. Schedule Dates for the rest of the year -Mindy Robison
13. Cell Tower Allocations- Mindy Robison
14. SCC Training- Mindy Robison
15. Adjourn -New Chair