MYP Service Reflection & Make a Difference Project/ Servicio del Reflexion MYP & Proyecto Hacer una Diferencia

MYP Service Reflection

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Service is a requirement of the Middle Years Programme.  Students are expected to complete 24 service reflections throughout the programme to earn the Gold MYP certificate.  There is no hour requirement for the service reflections.  Students simply need to serve others and reflect on it.  Service reflections are collected through Trojan Time classes.


MYP Service Reflection

First Name:                                          Last Name:                                      Grade: 6th   7th   8th

Directions:  Answer the following questions in complete sentences. 

 1.  What did you do for your service? Explain what you did in detail and who you helped.




 2.  When did you complete your service?



3.  Did you like helping others? Explain




 4.  Would you do this service again?  Why or why not?


5.  Which traits of the IB Learner Profile (TOP BRICCCK) did you demonstrate while performing the service? Circle as many as apply:

Thinkers           Open-Minded                Principled                      Balanced                      Reflective

Inquirers           Caring                          Courageous                   Communicators             Knowledgeable

6. Explain how you demonstrated the learner profile trait(s) you selected during your service?

7.  How does your act of service relate to something you are learning in one of your classes?

8.  Reflect on your experience.  How did you change and grow as a person?

9.  What was the best part of your experience?