MYP Service Reflection & Make a Difference Project/ Servicio de Reflexion MYP & Proyecto Hacer una Diferencia

Service Reflection & Make a Difference Project

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Service Reflection & Make a Difference Project

MYP Service Reflection

Students and Parents - If you would like to submit your service reflection to Ms. Allen electronically,  click here.

For a copy of our MYP Service Reflection, click here or for a MYP Service Reflection in Spanish click here.

Service is a requirement of the Middle Years Programme.  Students are expected to complete 14 service reflections throughout the programme to earn the Gold MYP certificate.  There is no hour requirement for the service reflections.  Students simply need to serve others and reflect on it.  Service reflections are collected through Trojan Time classes.

MYP Make a Difference Project

Students - Click Here to access the Make a Difference Google Doc.

Before accessing the googledoc you need to be signed into your account.  

The Make a Difference Project is designed to be the culminating activity for the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and is completed during 8th grade.  It is separate from the service reflections mentioned above.  Students will design a project of their choice that answers the question, how will I make a difference?  Reflection is a major component of the Make a Difference Project.  We want to students to evaluate who they have become and what they want to do as a result of their MYP education.  Work on the actual project will occur outside of school time.  Students will complete the reflection portion of the project in their history class.    The Make a Difference Project is a requirement to earn the MYP certificate.  It will be graded on rubrics and contains four main components with the following due dates:

Make a Difference Deadlines

1- Criterion A: Investigating a Goal 

Bradfield’s Classes: Thursday, September 20th

Cox's Classes: Thursday, September 27th

2- Criterion B: Plan for your Goal

Bradfield’s Classes: Friday, October 5th

Cox's Classes: Wednesday, October 17th

3- Criterion C: Taking Action

Bradfield’s Classes: Friday, January 4th

Cox’s Classes: Friday, January 11th

4- Criterion D: Project Reflection

Bradfield’s Classes: Thursday, February 14th

Cox's Classes: Thursday, February 28th

Ideas for Make a Difference Project:

-    Create visual aids for students learning English in the elementary school

-    Design puzzles to help students understand the Pythagorean theorem

-    Create a welcome system for new students to our school.  Could include a bag or folder containing useful information about the school and community.

-    Study a traditional cultural dance and make a video of your performances at different events highlight ethnic dance.

-    Create a “memory quilt” from scraps of fabric taken from clothing, linens, other items that remind a loved one of a someone they lost to cancer.

-    Design a website to teach people to play the guitar.

-    Create pocket translation guides for use on construction sites where managers and workers speak different languages.

-    Create a short play to raise awareness of impact of prejudice on individuals and society.

-    Making a Difference Children's Book Template