MYP Certificate Requirements

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MYP Certificate Requirements


Service Reflections

 Service reflections are based on service students provide to their family, friends, and community. Students complete the service outside of class time and complete the reflection during Trojan Time. The expectation is students will complete one service reflection every month. The number of service reflections completed by a student is recorded in Skyward under the MYP Service class.

Make a Difference

The Make a Difference Project is completed during 8th grade. Students design their own project answering the question “How will I make a difference?” Students complete the service portion of their project outside of class time. The reflection portion of the project is supported in the 8th grade history classes. Progress on the Make a Difference Project is recorded in Skyward under the MYP Service class.

Subject Area Achievement

The subject area achievement score is based on the academic grades earned the final year of the program in all eight subject areas. Students do your best to mastery the skills and content you are learning in each of your classes.