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Making a Difference

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At Midvale Middle School we strive to serve those around us.  One way all of our 8th graders serve others is through the Make a Difference Project.  8th grade students research, design, carry out and reflect on a project that answers the question, "How will I make a difference?"  Their projects are specific to their interests and reflect a need that is significant to them.  The Make a Difference Project is broken down into four steps.  8th graders have completed the first two steps of the project.   The first step was to complete research based on their interests and needs of their community.  The second step was to design their project.  8th grade students are just beginning the third step which is to actually carry out their project.  Once they have completed their project, they will move on to the final step which is to reflect on their project.  We are so excited to see the wonderful service of our 8th graders.  All of the Make a Difference Projects will be highlighted during our MYP Awards Night in May.